Audiobook: “The Inside Story”


What if you could sit down and listen to a personal friend of Jesus as he shared his memories and insights?  The next best thing might be to read through the Gospel of John, which was written by the apostle, John, who was as close a friend with Jesus as any of His disciples.  Better yet, perhaps, would be a guided tour through that short book, presented in a form you could listen to at your own pace.  Sound good?

This FREE audiobook download is a compilation of 67 messages from the Gospel of John.  To learn more about it, listen to this short audio introduction:


If you have a PC or an iOS device, you can download the whole book HERE

If you want to listen to the book without downloading (it’s a lengthy download – 350 Meg or so) or if you are using an Android device, you can stream individual chapters HERE.

3 thoughts on “Audiobook: “The Inside Story”

  1. tombeaman Post author

    Thanks, Sandy. I saw you two drive by on 23rd a couple days ago. I’ll check with Barbara about Amazon readers. Seems to me there was a problem with them, but I’m not sure…

    His, Tom

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  3. Linda Champion

    I just listened to the intro for the Book of John audio. It is so comforting to hear your voice.. Thank you for putting all of this together.


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