Because these posts were written to follow one another, they make more sense if you read them in order.  Below is a list of the first ones, arranged chronologically…
Or, you can read all the posts on each topic or category on the bottom right corner of the first page.  Enjoy!

Oh My God!
Getting a Grip
In a Nutshell
The “Why?” Question
Tears and Prayers
Dead Man Walking
“Resetting Your Receiver”
“You Choose: Rules or Rest?”
“Jamming in God’s Band”
“Righteousness Ain’t No Church Lady”
“Why Them?”
“Hit the Deck”
“Whose the Best? Whose the Blessed?”
“Set Free to Live Free”
“Would God Forgive You?”
“The Riddle and the Hint”
“Ancient Scroll, Secrets Revealed”
“The Gift”
“Accepting the Gift”
“It’s in The Details”
“Free Food, Free Drink!”
“Eating Jesus”
“Now You See It; Now You Don’t”
The Hidden Jesus
One Step Over the Line
Why Does God Seem so Angry?”
“Just Do it”
“On the Other Hand, God Really is Angry”
“What Kind of Termites Anger God?”
“God’s Hot Buttons”

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