What if you could sit down and listen to a personal friend of Jesus as he shared his memories and insights?  The next best thing might be to read through the Gospel of John, which was written by the apostle, John, who was as close a friend with Jesus as any of His disciples.  Better yet, perhaps, would be a guided tour through that short book, presented in a form you could listen to at your own pace.  Sound good?

This FREE audiobook download is a compilation of 67 messages from the Gospel of John.  To learn more about it, listen to this short audio introduction:

Before you download, please take a moment to review these critical instructions:

    • Download the Zip file HERE.
    • The file is about 350 Megabytes and will take a few minutes to download.
    • Once it is downloaded you can view it in Adobe Reader (Click HERE for a free download of this program). Mac users: Note that Apple’s Preview app will not play the audio; you must use Adobe Reader
  • FOR iOS DEVICES (iPad, iPhone running iBooks):
    • Download the ePub file HERE.
    • The file is about 350 Megabytes and will take a few minutes to download in Safari. Once you’re on the OneDrive site, you’ll need to put a check mark in the box at the upper right of the file icon, then select “Download” from the menu at the top of the page.
      You won’t see obvious indications that anything is happening, but the file will download in the background and, after the download is complete (could be 5-10 minutes, depending upon your Internet connection speed), it will proceed to the next step.
    • After the file is downloaded, select Open in… and choose iBooks.
    • The file will automatically open in iBooks after a brief wait.
    • This file is too large for many smartphones, and most other mobile devices do not currently support the necessary reader applications.
    • We have begun to post the individual chapters for listening by streaming on other mobile devices.  They are available by clicking HERE or through the drop down menu on the audiobook page button.

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