Last year a shoe company hired some software geeks to develop an online catalog.  After the new catalog was up and running online, they discovered that every once in awhile, instead of a picture of fancy shoes, the program would display an image of raw meat.  Go figure…   In the world of software, stuff happens.

Since we opened the FREE AUDIOBOOK DOWNLOADS page, (See the MENU selection above or click HERE),  some of you have had difficulty downloading the file, especially the file designed for iPad and other iOS devices.  We have made a new link; please try again if you were unsuccessful.  

CoverWe are sorry for any inconvenience.  Our tests have worked well with this new link, but please let us know by replying below if you continute to have problems.

One detail that might be confusing, is that on some devices, it does not seem as though anything is happening for several minutes while the file downloads in the background.  This is a test of faith; do not be alarmed!

Also, for those of you who inquired about using Kindle, currently, the Kindle readers do not handle audio and will not work.  If that changes, we’ll post another link.

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