Listen at Your Own Risk

When Jesus told a parable, it was a time-release gotcha, His version of a Trojan Horse.  He’d light the fuse on what looked like a nice little story and slide it right past the people’s defenses.  Too late, they’d realize His stories were aimed at them, at their bone-headed stupidity or wickedness.

As an experiment, this week I’ve edited an audio message about one of His parables into five chunks, each about 5 minutes long or so, thinking you might spread them out and listen to them during the week. You will discover His seemingly harmless story springs its trap just as effectively today as it did when He first told it.  So, you have been warned: Listen at your own risk.  Here they are the audio links.  Take your time and work your way through these chunks in order:


If  you are willing, let me know how you respond to blog messages in audio form.  They are more work on this end, but worth it to me, if they work for you,

2 thoughts on “Listen at Your Own Risk

  1. Connie Renner

    Hi Tom, I don’t know how this works. Do my words go to the world or only to you? As it happened when I read your ‘Bread’ today I had time to listen to all five audios. I very much liked that! They were great, but I do appreciate that they were broken up into just a few minutes each. I am more of an audio person, I think.
    Blessings to you as you continue to ‘get’ to us in a meaningful way.
    Love, Connie

  2. jeff Gagliardi

    excellent teaching and an excellent format! I like the bite-sized pieces — each compelled me to take pause for a while and come back to the next one later. More focus and less time for my feeble mind to drift 😉


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