Danger! Parables at Work

Would Jesus deliberately disguise or hide the truth from some people?  That’s a question His disciples asked and you might be surprised at the answer.  If you have a bible, turn to the 13th chapter of Matthew and listen to the audio clips below.  I’ve sliced and diced an original message into 5 bite-sized chunks, so you can fit them into your schedule flexibly


It would be helpful to me to know how this different blog format worked for you.  Did you have any problems listening?  Were the individual sections too long or too short?  Any other suggestions or feedback?  I may not be able to respond or post all of the responses, but please know I’ll read them and take them into consideration.

4 thoughts on “Danger! Parables at Work

  1. Vicki Uhr

    While I did enjoy the “divided sermon” (and I, too, listened to the entirety in one fell swoop), the written messages appeal more to me. Since I don’t often get out to church (health issues), I listen to a number of sermons online. I look forward to your written messages on M-W-F; in fact, they are the first thing I go to when I log on, and if they haven’t shown up yet, I check back during the day until they do. For some reason, the written message seems more like a personal message from God specifically to me, even though I know many others receive it too. Perhaps I’m just feeling the need for a personal word from God these days. It’s all good.

  2. Pat Schaeffer

    I have always enjoyed your written thought and sermons. Now that you are adding recorded sermons I find they increase my appreciation of the subject. I enjoy hearing you preach. Thanks for doing it.


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