Humble Faith

Molly was a faithful dog.  She stuck close, kept her eyes on me and responded eagerly when I gave her a command.  She trusted me.  There was a time when she suddenly took off after another dog, running as fast as she could.  I called out, “Molly, come!”  and she locked her legs in a slide, reversed direction and charged back.  Best dog I’ve ever known.

Molly’s faithfulness was also humility.  That’s a strange word to apply to a dog – that is, unless you have ever owned a terrier.  Terriers are not humble; they think their own ideas are better than yours,   But Molly was humble.  She trusted what I said was best.

Like David, who, despite his role as King of Israel, displayed the same dual attitude of faith and humility.  He wrote:

“For You [God] are my rock and my fortress [faith]; and for Your name’s sake You lead me and guide me [humility]…”  (Psalm 31:3 with my added notes in brackets)

In the ultimate statement of faith and humility, David bet his life on God:

“Into Your hand I commit my spirit…”  (Psalm 31:5 – quoted by Jesus on the cross)

Faith and humility are two sides of the same coin.  You obey God because you trust Him.

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