7 thoughts on “Look it Up

  1. Elaine Harrison

    I have a philodendron plant–when part of the plant breaks off I can root it in water and have a new plant start that I can share.
    So when I am broken, I can get living water and have a new, fresh start.
    Thank you for the thought, I need that when I am down!

  2. ojpratt@pacificauction.com

    Do you think these vs in Philodendron can be accurately tied to Rhododendron Chapter 5?

  3. janewilson

    I think Papa enjoyed this one. HE loves the uniqueness about each one of us! Do you remember the time at church most of us sat in places we didn’t usually sit as an April Fool’s joke on you?? It got you sort of distracted. I thought it was great!!!


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