For His Good Pleasure

My son was at the age when he knew so much more than his dad, and his interests were far more exciting to his way of thinking than all the boring stuff the old folks were into.  Remember those days?  I asked him, “I saw a movie I think you might really like; you want to check it out?”  You can imagine all the rolling of eyes and protestations…  But he finally agreed to give it 15 minutes.  If he wasn’t into it by then we’d stop it.  Two hours later, he was wanting to watch it over again.  Score one for Dad.  Because I knew how much he would like it (the movie was “Once”), waiting to show it to him was a time of happy anticipation for me. 

Jesus said these intriguing words:

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  (Luke 12:32)

As God waits for us to accept His gift, I imagine His happy anticipation, thinking to Himself, “They’re going to really like this…”   And yet, when we hear about it, we react like adolescents, thinking, “Oh, that would be so boring.” 

But consider your own experiences with government: Been to the DMV lately?  How has the IRS been treating you?   How would you like to be a citizen of a kingdom, in which the King loved you as His own child, a King Who was perfect in righteousness and justice?  A King Who already knew everything you needed?  That’s the Kingdom God wants to give you.  Why?  It is for His good pleasure! 

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