For Best Results

Instructions for Christmas:
– Look at the gift under the tree.
– Check to see if it is for you.
– Receive it; pick it up and take it for yourself.
– Take off the wrapping, so you can see what it really is.
– Use it, play with it, try it out or put it on so you can actually experience the gift, not your preconceived ideas about it.
– If you like how it works, keep it close and wear it out.

Instructions about Jesus:
– He is God’s Christmas gift.
– Your name is on the gift card.
– Follow the rules posted above.

By the way, don’t be confused by all the shiny wrapping.  Jesus frequently sits under the tree, wrapped in distortions, sentimental fluff and religious nonsense. Open Him up and see Who He really is.  Also, don’t be limited by your own misunderstandings and preconceived notions about what He is like; take Him out of the box and start using Him.  You will be amazed!

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him— –  (1Corinthians 2:9b)

Merry Christmas!

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