Who’s the Best? Who’s the Blessed?

This was originally posted 2 years ago. I’ve decided to run it again, partly because I like it, and partly due to a serious illness in the family which has me distracted. There may be more of these “retreads” in the next few weeks, depending on each day’s circumstances. Any prayers would be much appreciated. Tom


Which son was the best: the obedient, older son or his wild and reckless brother – the one we call the “Prodigal Son?”   If you haven’t read through that challenging parable of Jesus recently, you can find it at this link:  or in the Gospel of Luke in chapter 15:11-32.  But which kid was the best in his father’s eyes: the one that took his inheritance early and ran off to lose it all in wild living?  Or was it the one who faithfully stayed home and worked hard on the farm?  That sounds like an easy question, unless you’ve ever been a father.

At the end of Jesus’ story, the younger, wilder brother has been reconciled to his father and is enjoying a joyous homecoming celebration.  The older and more responsible brother is outside, sulking  by himself, missing the party.  But notice the attitude of the father. …

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