Hello Out There…

Happy New Year!  The folks at WordPress have just informed me that my readership has doubled over the past year and now includes people from 66 countries.  Yikes!  This is a brief shout out to you all, thanking you for tuning in.  If you feel like it, drop me a short note to tell me where you are reading from and what your situation is there.  Unless you give me permission to share your note, I’ll keep it private.  But I’m curious to know who you are, and what interests you.

And I’m glad to know you are there.

Gratefully,  Tom

1 thought on “Hello Out There…

  1. janewilson

    I am now in South Carolina. Visiting a church where just last Sunday the Holy Spirit of God swooshed into the Sunday Service and a number of folks sensed Father’s love for them.


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