Response to a Beheading

Beheading isn’t new. ISIS didn’t invent it. Do you remember how you reacted when you first heard about the reporter? Compare that to Jesus’ response when they cut the head off His cousin, John the Baptist. (You can read this in the first part of Matthew 14…)

Consider who the “bad guys” were:

The King
– shacked up with his brother’s wife
– imprisoned John the Baptist for telling him it was wrong
– so moved (aroused?) by a young girl’s (his niece) dance, and so impulsive (drunk?) he promises her anything she wants
– reluctantly orders the beheading, to save face with his dinner guests.

The Girlfriend
– unfaithful wife, sleeping with brother-in-law
– encourages her daughter to dance seductively at dinner party.
– manipulates daughter to ask for John’s head.

The Guests
– enjoying a wild party an cheering the murder on

The Actual Cutter
– just following orders and doing his job.

As you consider Jesus’ response, think about how much justifiable rage has been poured out against ISIS. Remember that Jesus told Pilate He could summon legions of heavenly warriors at any time. Imagine the depth of His anger, frustration and despair. How did Jesus react?

When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. (Matthew 14:13a)

Later on, He went to the cross for those people, to pay for their sin.

And mine, too…

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