No Good Words…

My granddaughter has a whimsical name that sounds like dancing in the moonlight.  She likes guinea pigs and nail polish.  Last night she came home from the  6th grade band concert with a couple of trophies for playing tuba.  When my daughter texted the good news up from Texas I felt a wonderful ‘sploosh’ of joy for them both.

And today I hold that joy painfully, as I try to imagine the hearts of the young parents in Moore, Oklahoma who still do not know if their sons or daughters will ever come home from school.  And for those who do know they will not…

Lord Jesus, please extend your comfort and your grace…

There is a church in Oklahoma City that is collecting donations for the folks who have lost so much and need so much help.  They say 100% of the money will be given to that effort.  You can find them here:,

1 thought on “No Good Words…

  1. Jennifer Britton

    So very thankful for those whom I can hold in my arms today. And fully aware that a tomorrow is not a guarantee. Its a somewhat cold comfort to know that God has planned a beginning and an ending to us all, but a comfort nonetheless. Nobody can know when that ending will be. For today, for this moment, I can see and hear and touch the people who are most important to me, and for that I am beyond thankful. Events like these put everything in perspective, and then “life” creeps back in and I forget that I only have today. I only have right now.
    Good post today Papa. I love you. ♥


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